Restore Resilience. Cultivate Community. Impact your World


Spend a year restoring your innate resilience within this online coaching program. Together, we will utilize the latest research in neuroscience, alongside ancient contemplative practices, resulting in:

  • + increased courage to face your fears and take risks
  • + emotional intelligence to flourish in your relationships
  • + stress management that leads to more joy in your life
  • + whole brain integration so you can change your behaviors easily
  • + inner strength to rise again when you fail
  • + clarity of purpose to impact your world with boldness and compassion

meet sarah

Allow me to introduce myself!

Most people don’t wake up one day and simply decide to become more resilient. At least I didn’t. But, over the last 20 years, I’ve gained experiential knowledge to empower you to live courageously so you can experience a meaningful life – because I took that journey myself.

As a certified Life Coach, Spiritual Director and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, I offer practical strategies and inspiration for overcoming obstacles and tools for using your mind-body-spirit connection to transform your life.

I have more certifications than I can fit on a business card. But, that’s not what gives me street cred to guide you through this in-depth journey of transformation.

The Integrate to Live process changed who I am, how I relate to others and what I do in the world. I’ve lived every inch of the program and most of the concepts I discovered through my own journey of overcoming.

With huge success, I’ve personally coached hundreds of people through the unique, yet universal, core principles of the program. My clients are unrecognizable (in the best of ways!) to those who know them well.

Choosing to move past their difficult experiences, and coping strategies, they reach the fullness of their potential.

I can help you do that, too!



I know you want true transformation, not just more information, right?
You are no longer content being stuck and stressed, reacting out of fear.
You want to be fully alive – a whole person in mind, body and spirit.
Do you know what should be different, but are having a hard time doing it?
Have you tried talking about it and reading the latest books,
but still feel stuck and alone in your pursuit of something different?

If you’ve tried other methods, without the success you were hoping for, this program is for you.
When you learn my practical strategies for dealing with the stress in your body,
and the emotions you once found overwhelming,
you can rebound from life’s difficulties more quickly.

You become resilient!


Let me break it down for you…

This program is a process. It unfolds in 3 modules, much like a story. And, each week is like turning the page to the next chapter.


Restore Resilience

The first module of the program is about resiliency – learning how to increase your capacity to be with the joys and pains of life, as well as how to regulate your nervous system. I’ve created a clear, sure fire method to slow down the crazy train of your ingrained habits and behaviors, so you can finally step off.

+ Gain practical tools to rewire your brain for lasting change

+ Receive encouragement and support to finally break old habits

+ Cultivate gratitude to increase joy in your life and relationships

+ Learn how to regulate your nervous system, in the moment, so you can make a different choice

+ Change the story of your life you currently feel stuck in

+ Create a new relationship to fear


Cultivate Community

The second module of the program is about relationship – learning how to cultivate courage and allow your patterns of relating to become healthy. We all desire to be seen and known as well as loved, unconditionally.

+ Experience the power of transformational community

+ Gain practical tools to improve your patterns of relating

+ Develop your neurobiology so you can connect in new ways

+ Discover ways to always be empowered to choose

+ Learn how to create and be a safe place

+ Determine your conflict style

+ Identify how to have a courageous conversation


Impact your World

The third module of the program is about integration – discovering how we take this experience and impact the world.

+ Learn my exclusive model of the layers of our identity

+ Explore what’s most important to you when you are free of the expectations of others

+ Reclaim full living

+ Discover how to take risks and rebound when you fail

+ Express your unique gifts

+ Create life practices to support your success beyond the program

Integrate to Live Membership Benefits

+ An easy-to-use, fun and informative Membership Site

+ Every week, join a live Group Coaching Call with me and the community

+ 52 Exclusive Weekly Videos

+ 52 Supportive Weekly Action Guides

+ Weekly Encouraging Emails

+ Downloadable audio recordings of each video training

+ Written transcripts of each video lesson

+ Private, Members-only Facebook Support Group

+ Become a member of our Resilient Community

+ Practical, individualized tools to help you get unstuck

+ Optional Accountability Buddy to encourage your process

+ Featured discounts on in-person retreats, courses and workshops

+ Exclusive exercises designed to deepen your practice

This Membership Is for You If…

+ You want to experience the power and effectiveness of group learning

+ You want to have personal, direct coaching from me

+ You want to participate in a shared experience within the larger community

+ You prefer to go at your own pace


As resilient members of this tribe, we will join forces to impact the world together through giving back. This will be our first influential act as a transformational community.

Every Member of Integrate to Live will become a Donor Partner with Well Aware, an Austin-based nonprofit that funds and implements clean water systems for impoverished communities in Africa. Well Aware is known for its sustainability model in building lasting water systems with high impact.

When you invest in yourself through the Integrate to Live online coaching program, you will also influence long-term global change – 10% of membership proceeds go to support clean water for life in Africa. Well Aware has impacted more than 110,000 people, and is on track to more than double their impact in 2017.

Now is the time!

Before you decide it’s not for you, imagine what could happen if…

+ You finally decided you’re done repeating the patterns that hold you back in life
+ You gained practical tools to rewire your brain for lasting change
+ You received encouragement to finally break old habits of thinking, relating and behaving
+ You cultivated gratitude to increase joy in your life and relationships
+ You learned how to regulate your nervous system, in the moment to make a different choice
+ You experienced the power of transformational community
+ You changed the story of your life you currently feel stuck in
+ You created a positive relationship to fear and risk
+ You gained practical tools to improve your patterns of relating
+ You developed your neurobiology so you can connect in new ways
+ You discovered ways to always be empowered to choose
+ You learned how to create and be a safe place
+ You determined your conflict style
+ You identified how to have a courageous conversation
+ You experienced my exclusive model of the layers of our identity
+ You explored what’s most important to you when free of the expectations of others
+ You reclaimed full living
+ You learned how to take risks and rebound when you fail
+ You expressed your unique gifts
+ You created life practices to support your success beyond the program
+ You developed integration, courage and resilience

There is a powerful opportunity available to you today!

Make the choice to embody the fullness of life you always dreamed of.

Say yes to gaining tools to rebound in the face of life’s difficulties.





Melissa Walters
Integrated approach brings healing

“Before working with Sarah I felt highly stressed and anxious. The only way I knew to move through it was with intense exercise. Sarah helped me unlock doors into my body, mind and soul. Her integrated approach brought validation and healing. Now I am open to each moment and able to be present in ways that I never could.”

Rachel Brown
Impressive – and lasting – results

“The results I got working with Sarah were dramatic on the outside – I lost 80 lbs. and recovered from severe postpartum depression. Even more impressive was the inner resilience she helped me develop. Four years later, I still use those tools everyday!”

Kristen Hughes
Felt safe and protected in my journey

“Sarah is an astute observer, healer, comforter, catalyst, and speaker of truth in a physical, emotional, and spiritual way. I felt safe and protected with her walking me through this journey.”


Regularly find yourself in the grocery line with 2 pints of ice cream? Just had an epic blowout with your spouse? Lost your cool (and your mind) with your kids? Suddenly received surprising news from the doctor? Let’s face it. Life happens in real time, in real moments.

Because the transformational journey is not a one-size-fits-all process, I believe you would benefit from extra support. That’s why I created a membership experience that includes additional guidance and coaching.


Book a complimentary consultation to learn more and see if this program is the right support you need

Allow me to answer a few of your questions…

When does Integrate to Live start and end?
Integrate to Live begins the day you register and ends 12-months later. But, you maintain life-long access to the course curriculum and the private members-only group.

Can I do this program remotely?
Yes, from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

What if I can’t tune in to the live Coaching Calls while they’re being broadcast?
I want everyone to tune in as much as possible to create connection and have fun. And, if you are unable to join us, you can access the archived monthly live Coaching Calls on the membership site.

Is this program for a specific stage of life?
No, Integrate to Live welcomes all ages.

How do I access the course content?
Course content will be accessible through the Integrate to Live membership site. Each member will have private access.

How much time do I need to have available every week to work through the process?
Set aside 30 to 60-minutes per week. This can be broken into 15-minute intervals throughout the week.

Is this program for men and women?
Yes! Integrate to Live is for anyone with a nervous system :).

Can I do this course with a group of friends?
Absolutely! Groups of people are already forming with the intention of gathering weekly to work through the course together.


Here’s the deal…

Packaged programs make me as skeptical as they probably do you. Truth is, no deep and lasting life change can be formulated into 3 easy steps. I sometimes wish it could, but I’ve learned the most rich life possible is never simple nor straight-forward. Would you agree?

Then, why am I offering a program, you may ask? Because I want to help more people than I have time in the day and energy in my soul while working exclusively one-on-one. I’ve taken great care to design this program to be an experiential process for you. And, I believe we have the power to revolutionize online transformational community.

+ offering quick easy steps to a “perfect life”. Embracing our imperfections is what makes us human
+ guiding people to become better Narcissists. Happiness is experienced in connected relationships
+ the end-all-be-all-know-it-all, sitting on my mountaintop, speaking down to tell you what you should do. This online program offers hard-fought wisdom from my story.

+ inviting you into an experience, not asking you to buy a product
+ including you in a community process, not shoving you in a rigid program
+ offering tools for a way of life, not a fad that fades with time
+ journeying with you as a fellow sojourner, not a guru

I believe in you. I believe you can do this.
Let’s do it together.

With all my heart,