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Spend a year restoring your innate resilience within this online coaching program. If you join Sarah for this year-long experience, you’ll leave with the tools to be the resilient woman you were made to be.

A resilient woman …

It doesn’t have to be a distant memory or a dream for the future. You can be happy, healthy, and whole. You can even start today.

Imagine if you …


Who is it for?

This program is for people who are ready to create lasting change.

I know you want true transformation, not just more information, right? You are no longer content being stuck and stressed, reacting out of fear. You want to be fully alive – a whole person in mind, body and spirit. Do you know what should be different, but are having a hard time doing it? Have you tried talking about it and reading the latest books, but still feel stuck and alone in your pursuit of something different?

If you’ve tried other methods, without the success you were hoping for, this program is for you. When you learn Sarah’s practical strategies for dealing with the stress in your body, and the emotions you once found overwhelming, you can rebound from life’s difficulties more quickly. You become resilient!

Integrate to Live is for you if …

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You are ready to take responsibility for your joy.

You want practical tools to take control of your emotions.

You want to cultivate a deeper connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

You want to leave your trauma behind and create new patterns to thrive.

You want personalized support to truly transform.


This is NOT for you if …

You aren’t ready to confront your past patterns, pain, or fears.

You don’t like being in community with people on the same journey.

You don’t want to get uncomfortable.

You prefer to stay in victim mode in areas you can control.

You don’t want to make time to prioritize your own care.


What will I learn?

This program is a process. It unfolds in 3 modules, much like a story. And, each week is like turning the page to the next chapter.

Module 01 – Restore Resilience

The first module of the program is about resiliency – learning how to increase your capacity to be with the joys and pains of life, as well as how to regulate your nervous system. Sarah has created a clear, sure fire method to slow down the crazy train of your ingrained habits and behaviors, so you can finally step off. Utilizing the wisdom of neuroscience, and the power of a shared experience in community, she’ll guide you to rewire your brain for lasting change.

Module 02 – Cultivate Community

The second module of the program is about relationship – learning how to cultivate courage and allow your patterns of relating to become healthy. We all desire to be seen and known as well as loved, unconditionally.

Module 03 – Impact your World

The third module of the program is about integration – discovering how we take this experience and impact the world.

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2020 has been a wild ride. I know you feel that too.

You may be feeling the need for less, but actually, I think you need more of the right things. That’s why I thought now was the perfect time to invite you to join the Integrate to Live membership!


I wanted to share about this intentional community experience that is designed to not just teach you but to help you practice, experience, and connect so you can build resilience that will last a lifetime.

It’s made up of three distinct spaces carefully crafted to help you integrate what you uncover into your life.

👀A Place to Discover

The knowledge vault is packed with targeted lessons to create self-awareness and give you practical tools to make the shifts — big and small — that change your life.

👉A Place to Practice

The live group coaching sessions provide personalized coaching as you turn the knowledge you’ve gained into wisdom you live. You’ll learn to apply the concepts to get unstuck.

👭A Place to Connect

The private community gives you the safety to share your hard days and your happy ones so you find encouragement and support as you heal.

With these 3 resources at your fingertips, you’ll not only uncover what’s holding you back, but you’ll also find the strength and courage to break free from their hold and keep yourself from getting stuck again.

Let’s prune away all the things that aren’t serving you and moving you closer to who you want to become, and let’s replace them with powerful practices that help you stop repeating the patterns that keep holding you back. 

You can get started TODAY on your journey of learning, connecting, and healing for just $49. 




5 Steps to Get UNSTUCK in Life

We have all felt stuck before. That’s what trauma and stress do to us. They keep us stuck and stressed out … making it feel almost impossible (or available) to enjoy life.

But there is a way to break out and reclaim your life. We usually make it too hard for ourselves. Here are the five key things that Sarah helps her clients with inside Integrate to Live.

👉Start with Self-Empathy

👉Identify Patterns

👉Uncover Hidden Trauma

👉Rewire Your Brain

👉Build Resilience

Integrate to Live was designed with these principles in mind. Through the power of the focused content, coaching, and community, you can experience healing today and each time a new situation arises. 

You can break free from the fight, flight, or freeze reaction and find yourself in control of your emotions again.

It’s time to live on purpose. Integrate to Live can help.

Join at LINK


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